Seven-Fold Rose Silk Tie


Our 100% rose wine tie. Made in Italy with sartorial finishes and hand-sewn slip stitch. Available in our Regular Fit.

Our seven-fold ties have an unmistakable thickness and a distinctive drape that instantly distinguishes them as the epitome of quality and luxury neckwear. Each seven-fold tie is hand cut, using a whole block of cloth to make up one seven-fold. The cloth is folded seven times then sewn together, which builds the body in the ties structure.  Each tie takes a meticulous level of craftsmanship and hours of handwork, the result being a truly luxurious tie of unparalleled caliber.

  • Regular Fit - 57.5" (L), 3.25" (W)
  • 100% silk
  • Made in Italy
  • Seven-fold 

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