Where Masterpieces Are Created And Dreams Made

TIEFENBRUN is a bespoke atelier located in New York City, specializing in the creation of luxury handmade garments. With a steadfast commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and the finest fabrics, our atelier offers an unrivaled bespoke experience. From suits, coats, and shirts to tuxedos and shooting jackets, our team meticulously crafts each piece.

By appointment only, our world of incomparable luxury and personalization awaits. We believe in weaving each persons style into every aspect of their clothing and accessories. Step into our atelier where masterpieces are created and dreams made.



About Yosel

Yosel Tiefenbrun, the founder of TIEFENBRUN atelier, was raised in London and hails from a long line of tailors, fabric merchants, and artists. His passion for fine clothing, design, and exquisite workmanship has been ingrained in him from a young age.

During his formative years, Yosel's educational pursuits took him to France, New York, Israel, and eventually to Singapore, where he embarked on a path to become a rabbi. It was in Singapore that he also began nurturing his love for design and clothing. He pursued design studies at NAFA while gaining valuable experience through an internship at Harpars Bazaar Magazine.

At the age of 21, Yosel made the decision to move to London to study at the renowned Savile Row Academy, where he dedicated two years to honing his skills in cutting and tailoring. He was then chosen as an apprentice under the esteemed Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell.

Fueling his aspirations, Yosel relocated to New York to establish his own tailoring house. In 2017, he brought his dreams to fruition by launching TIEFENBRUN atelier in New York City.

Yosel Tiefenbrun is an esteemed presence in the tailoring industry today, working alongside movie sets, dressing royalty, and world leaders. With a deep commitment to craftsmanship, he crafts remarkable garments that uplift individuals, allowing them to exude confidence. From bespoke suits for exclusive occasions to beautiful red carpet pieces, Yosel's creations seamlessly merge timeless elegance with modern aesthetics.